The Sorcerer's Stone Movie Vs Book

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“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”. This quote was in the second Harry Potter movie spoken by Dumbledore, its not only an inspirational quote but its also my first example on the differences between the movies and the books. Although this quote was in the movie it was not in the book. Even though the movies and the books were about the same thing they are both quite different. The movies leave out a lot of the parts that the books have. Most of which are the parts when harry spends his time at home. Book/Movie 1: The Sorcerer's Stone In book 1 it starts off by describing a family by the name of the Dursley's and their daily routine. It explains how they are a very normal family…show more content…
No one threw him a party or even wished him a happy birthday. Movie 2 begins in the evening when friends of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley come to visit and harry is told to stay in his room and not to make a peep but to act like he doesn't exist. When harry goes to his bedroom he sees a creature by the name of Dobby playing in his desk chair and making tons of noise, once Dobby spots Harry trying to tell him to be quiet Dobby stops and introduces himself as Dobby the house…show more content…
When they see their past selves Hermione throws a rock at them and starts talking about how bad her hair looked back then. This scene doesn't happen in the book. Later on in the movie when harry has a quidditch match to do so, Draco and his friend show up making ghost noises and throw their hood over their heads trying to torment harry. In the book Draco and his friends all dress up like a dementor (a demonic type ghost). All sitting on each others shoulders to make a big dementor trying to scare Harry off his broom. Books/Movie 4: The Goblet of Fire couch Sr. found the dark mark and blames his house elf Winky. So he fires winky. But Hermoine goes to couch and tells him she saw a man in the wood conjure the dark mark. In the movie he blames Harry, Ron, and Hermione for it and gets very angry at them. And harry was the one to tell couch about the man in the woods. Also they never showed or mentioned winky in the movie. When Harry finds out about the goblet of fire he wants to put his name in but Dumbledore tells him no. Later when they draw from the goblet of fire Harry's name is drawn. in the book Dumbledore's reaction is described as calm. But in the movie he is yelling and running across the room “ HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!”. Harry tells him no and he knows he isn't lying because he put a shield around the goblet so no one under the age of 17 can put
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