The Sorrows Of Young Werther And Masque Of The Red Death

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Death. This word is a hopeless truth that human beings try to avoid talking about. Everyone that is except for Edgar Allan Poe. Unlike most people, this well-known poet became fixated on this subject. This theme is shown through all of his works along with many other famous authors. Losing a loved one, having a near death experience, or even hearing the word reminds us of our mortality. If we know death is coming eventually, why not get it over with and end it already? The beautiful lie we want to hold on to is that we have something or someone to live for; but do we really? In Gothe’s novella, The Sorrows of Young Werther, and Poe’s poem, Masque of the Red Death, both writers make their readers think about how our whole life is lived to die and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it.. Through these powerful tragedies, these authors tell us the painful truth. In Goethe’s novella, a young character named Werther is seen as a wealthy man. He’s content with himself and very intellectual both his speech and letters to his good friend Wilhelm. He talks about his life associating with those who are not of his class but mostly of the lovely Charlotte of Walheim. Werther becomes quite obsessed with this young woman who is inconveniently engaged to marry Albert. Werther talks of how lovely she is, how he is the rightful man for her, and fixated he becomes on her. Werther visited Charlotte whenever he had the chance. Albert knowing this, decided it wasn’t right for a woman

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