Comparing Plato's Views On Mind And Body

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Thai Huynh
November 18th, 2015
Soul and Body
The mind (soul) and the body can be apart somehow. You trust something in your soul even the things you trust does not exist, and you trust how thing is when you see it by how it is. Now I am giving example of three philosophers to show how they debate about mind and soul.
Plato thinks that souls can and will exist outside of the body and can exist after the dead of the body. He provided a “proof” for this position and is the first to do this in writing that we have nothing to do so. He assumes that humans were composed of bodies and souls but the souls are the most important and immortal things. For example, Plato thought that he could conclude that the soul could exist independent of the body because it acted independently from the body when it engaged in pure thought. The reason is people come to know things is that they are remembering the knowledge implanted in their souls when the souls were in the realm of pure thought and eternal forms before entering into the body after which they forgot as they became confused by physical emotions a feelings and limited experiences through the senses. Plato’s position on notion (mind)is the concept, the knowledge has been objectified. They were pullout of human consciousness, blending into the world of thought is considered the master similar concepts. The notion is deemed to exist in general, immutable and eternal. Plato insisted that the notion is what does not exist is the reality. In
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