The Soul Is An Essential Aspect Of Being A Human Being

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In Philosophy, the soul is an essential aspect of being a human being. Not only is it an defining essence of human beings but also animals, plants, and all living things. The soul, also referred to as the psyche, has been the topic of philosophical, scientific, and religious inquiries for thousands of years. Through their texts, three influential philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, and Augustine, shared their views on the soul and what they perceive it to be. Throughout this examination of their findings, the reader will better understand what the soul is, in respect to these philosophers perspectives. In Classical Greece, Plato was a philosopher and mathematician. He was an prominent figure in the progress of philosophy, as we still revert to his ideas today. His ideas were expressed through his writings, as he used dialogue to teach a variety of subjects. According to Plato, the soul was immortal. In Phaedo, Plato expresses his thoughts on the soul through dialogues between three characters: Socrates and two Pythagorean Philosophers, Simmers and Cebes. This dialogue was narrated through Phaedo’s account of the death of Socrates. In Phaedo’s report, he first expresses that Socrates believed that a philosopher should look forward to death, as the whole purpose of life was to set the soul free from the body. He explains that “other people do not realize that the one aim of those who practice philosophy in the proper manner is to practice for dying and death”. In the opinion of
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