The Soul Of The Octopus

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The 59-year-old author, Sy Montgomery, has written 20 books, each based on a specific research or expedition she has taken part in. Her studies, which she descriptively incorporates into her novels, have warranted her various book awards and acclaims. She plunges herself into the lives and mysteries of Earth’s wildlife in order to gain a further understanding of how particular organisms thrive in their wild, dangerous environments. Although Montgomery was no expert in the field of cephalopods, she quickly learned all she could about the intriguing invertebrates through fellow researcher, experts, aquarists, divers, and colleagues encountered throughout her studies about octopuses. Through diligent research via articles, studies, field…show more content…
Montgomery, along with Dowd and many other workers and volunteers at the aquarium, begin a tradition of meeting every Wednesday to play with the current cephalopod resident of the aquarium and learn a lot more about the behavior of the animals. Throughout the book, a series of octopuses are brought to the aquarium to live and replace the others when they die. The second octopus, Octavia, gives Montgomery a view of how each octopus has a significantly different personality, and compares the new resident to the previous, Athena. Although Octavia is the second octopus of four that author meets in captivity, she is the longest lived of them all and really gives Montgomery a view into individuality of an octopus and the importance of the bonds it forms. She couples her experiences at the aquariums with her other journeys and travels, such as her trips to Seattle aquariums and the Caribbean Sea for scuba diving excursions, along with the writings of many renowned authors, philosophers, scientists, and aquarists in her writing. Throughout the book, Montgomery compares the personalities of the octopuses she meets in the aquarium to the others she has known, and also those that she has encountered in the wild. Towards the end of the book, she goes through the process of learning how to scuba dive in hopes of meeting wild octopuses in their natural habitats
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