The Soul Shell Shores

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The soul shell shores were rumored to be where the lost souls went. Officially, the section of shoreline was called Kalivey Beach. It wasn’t a popular destination for anyone not searching for answers, so on the dreary day I arrived, the beach was empty save a few birds. Small and large seashells covered the beach, piled in some places, as if to create cairns where stones were absent. Meandering footpaths had been cleared all the way to the water, so no shells would be destroyed. You see, the shells here were special. Each one held the soul of a person who wasn 't here anymore. If you believed the stories that is. There were people devoted to preserving the beach, that it might be here for people who need it, but there were also those who thought the seashells couldn’t possibly be magic. Every time the tide changed and more shore was revealed, people came out to the beach to stack the shells, a job from which they earned no profits and got no thanks. The tide came back in and knocked over their piles not twelve hours later. I glanced to my right, away from the water, to see where the tide line was, only to realize something that should have been obvious. I was on the boardwalk, which would have been constructed to never be underwater. It was high tide. How many shells were still underwater? I had no idea if the tide was coming in or going out, so I just stopped on the boardwalk. “We made it Riley, what do you think?” I didn’t know why I bothered being so cheerful, or why
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