The Souls Of Black Folks by W. E. B. Du Bois

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The Souls Of Black Folks by W. E. B. Du Bois The Souls of Black Folks by W. E. B. Du Bois is a text published to explain a series of events to inform many people about the many unexplainable ways of African Americans. This story is of the coming of the strong African American race . This story is the explanation of many not easily described discrepancies between African Americans and White Americans. It conveys the meaning of many black ways and reasoning. African Americans were obviously always a race of sophistication but in its own ways. They were stomped down by the struggles of slavery and their identity being taken away to create what many other races would label as ignorance. The irrelevance of African culture in the Americas took…show more content…
Instincts of the body is to do what makes one feel good. This pulls the body both way because he wants to please himself by staying true. On the other hand one wants to please the world because once that is accomplished then problems are dissolved between you and the discrepancies of life. At least that is what one may think. The merging of your motives and the motives of the world is a impossible. It cant be done for someone to please both himself and the world. He explains that that is somehow a contradiction. The harm that this causes is plentiful. Mainly for the reason that it contradicts and confuses. It takes you through ups and downs. It almost could make one seem bipolar. For example perhaps ones conscious may not equal the conscious of his self’s ways. This causes decisions that include a double viewed reaction. W. E. B du Bois doesn’t really believe that Washington helped in any way at all. He also explained that his program came in a time where there was no hope. A time where the main focus was no on social or even political problems but more on economy and revenues. This way that Washington started was just a new way of living. This is all mostly found in the first few paragraphs in the text of Booker in chapter 3. In this chapter they also mention how his plans were based of northern insurances and valid support so it didn’t really support the African Americans as much as it was supposed to and what
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