The Sound And Music Industry

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The Sound and Music Industry By Danielle Hutchinson-Gates

In this assignment, I will be looking at the pros, cons strengths and weaknesses of the 4 main areas of my study, these are artist management, music publishing companies, live music and Record companies. Studying these 4 areas will allow me to understand the industry in more detail as I wish to work in this industry. Knowing about these different areas of the music industry will help my current knowledge for the future.

Record Companies

A record label is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. A record label can also be a publishing company. Together they manage the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion and copyright for sound recordings and music videos. Talent scouts look for and develop new artists ("artists and repertoire" or "A&R") and maintain contracts with new and existing recording artists and their managers. The name ‘record label’ comes from the piece of paper in the centre of a record which displayed the name of the company that made it.

Record Companies are very important in the recording industry. There are 2 types of record companies, independent labels which are not funded by one of the major labels and major labels which are, at present, Warner music group, Universal and Sony. These companies make up roughly 75% of the music market. Many artists or bands start with an
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