The Sound And Music Industry

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The Sound and Music Industry Introduction The sound and music industry is large and complex and always changing, and it would be impossible to cover all parts to it in one article. So this piece is going to focus on four of the key areas of the industry – live performance, record companies, music publishing and artist management – to see how they have developed and how they now operate, and to analyse how they are facing current challenges and what their future is likely to be. Live performance Due to the decline in sales of recorded music because of downloading and streaming from the internet, live performance has become an increasingly important source of income for artists over recent years. Newcomers need to tour to get their name known and talked about and maybe secure a record deal. Established acts can charge hundreds of pounds for tickets so tours can be a huge earner for them, and there is also the opportunity to sell their merchandise to fans at the same time. There are a lot of different people involved in the process of live performance. Promoters set up the whole event by booking the venue, marketing the gig to the press, radio and TV, and advertising through posters mailing and social media. They make sure that the artists have everything they need in terms of equipment, and they set up sound checks and running order of the show. Tour managers are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly when a band is on tour. They liaise with promoters and venues to
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