The Sound Of Birds Singing

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I wake up to the sound of birds singing a melodious tune outside my window. I lay in bed trying to gauge the time from the concentration of sunlight in my room. Unfortunately, this has never been my strongest suit, so I give up almost immediately and instead turn my thoughts to the pros and cons of getting up hours before anyone else. For years i have remained the one and only early riser of the family; which generally means peaceful mornings, unhurried breakfasts and quiet time to do anything I wanted without constant interruptions; none which interested me as a ten year old. Instead I usually just wander around waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. ***** I walk upstairs out onto our terrace. Most houses in Pakistan have one of those but ours was different. Instead of being in front of the house and providing a breathtaking view, it was located at the back and felt more like a dead end. It was surrounded on all sides by gray concrete walls and the only view we had was the flat roofs of other houses. I didn’t mind though, because it made for a very private outdoor play area. Me and my sisters could play silly made-up games without worrying about nosy neighbors.That day I found a very pleasant surprise in a shadowy corner. Four kittens about a few weeks old, all curled up around each other in a way that made it hard to tell where one ended and the other began. ****** I knew I couldn 't let the poor defenseless kittens inside, because my mother could not tolerate any
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