The Sound Of Rushing Water

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The sound of rushing water was the first thing he heard. It caught him off guard, loud and insistent and intrusive. He frowned, looking at his grisled visage in the mirror and wondered just how he got here. Not here, as in this point in his life, but the bathroom. He didn 't remember getting up out of bed, putting on clothes, any of it. Yet here he stood, clad in long flannel pants and a white undershirt that had perhaps seen too many sunrises, gazing at himself. I was dreaming again, he recalled as he watched the steam rise from the collecting water in his sink basin. The dreams were painful and whereas a normal dream dissipated much like the water vapor swirling over his sink mirror, this one lingered.

A bright crisp day, the last
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He skid to a halt and lay prone on the ground, chest heaving as the air his loungs greedily craved ravenously filled him. Stunned, he lay there as the pain from his fall radiated throughout his body, not quite diminishing the pain he felt for missing his goal.

"Can you hear me? Are you alright?" He stared at her as she tended to him. The warmth of her touch was welcome against his face even though he was hot and slick with sweat. She didn 't seem to care, her eyes locked on his for a moment before she looked him over.

"I 'm so careless, I shouldn 't have snuck up on you like that. I 've just seen you running here, wanted to meet you. You seem so focused. Now look..." She pulled a small pack from a pocket on her vest. The scent of her perfume and his sweat were cleansed from his nose as the distinctive odor of antiseptic assaulted him.

"I 'm fine," He said gruffly as he tried to sit up.

"You have some cuts, your lip is bleeding pretty bad. Just let me help, please," Her soft plea and calming demeanor caused him to ease up. No sense in rushing things, if this beautiful woman wanted to take care of him.

She 'd gone with him to the hospital, watched as he got stitches, and apologized all along the way. It would have been annoying had she not been so sincere and endearing, and it certainly helped that her eyes were made all the more alluring when she smiled. She helped him home and
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