The Sound Of Silence By Garfunkel

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“The Sound of Silence”
“The Sound of Silence” was originally a poem, written in 1963, by Paul Simon. Simon had a friend by the name of Art Garfunkel. Simon and Garfunkel both worked in the music industry which lead them an opportunity to perform a duet for Columbia Records. The song was later recorded at Columbia Records studio in New York City, in 1964. Simon and Garfunkel later split, and went their separate ways, until the song was re-recorded with electric instruments that became a huge hit and brought them back together.
After comparing both, I tend to favor the version by Disturbed. This version immediately caught my attention with the sounds and rhythm that they had incorporated with the use of modern day instruments such as the electric
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He refers to darkness as being an old friend, a simile whereas, old friends sometimes have a way of just showing back up when you are…show more content…
To me, this song also represented unusual communication with our mind. Our mind is “The sound of silence.” At some point, we all have had some unspoken dreams or visions. Think about it, when you close your eyes or when you are sleeping your mind is still working but you are not talking aloud. The mind is a battlefield, continuously working with good or evil decisions to be made. While, the mind is constantly struggling in silence about work, family, finances, goals, and even health issues all of these things could drive someone in a mental and depression state if, the silence is not broken at some point. I was lead to believe Paul Simon, was depressed possibly because his initial release of the song was a commercial failure. We get caught up in the accumulations of wealth, but yet we are still not happy. That’s why it is so important for people to break silence by communication, praying and worshipping
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