The Sound Of The Gunshot Echoed Through The Hills

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Bang! The sound of the gunshot echoed through the hills. In certain urban parts of America, the sound of gunshots invoke fear into people. Gunshots symbolize murder, gangs, and brutality. In the backwoods of Tennessee however these gunshots are normal. With hunting being a favorite sport of many, it is not uncommon to hear shots ringing throughout the hills. Surrounded by woods, the threat of wild animals wandering onto your property is much greater than that of living in the city. To get a grasp of how it is growing up in Tennessee compared to the rest of the country, I interviewed my roommate Will Anderson, a Tennessee native. People often fail to think about how life is like in different parts of our country. As a society, we get so consumed in our own way of life that it is often difficult to envision how life would be like in other regions. I never really thought about the types of lives that other people grew up with until I was searching for colleges. Too often do we rely on certain stereotypes about different parts of the country and not truly on how the people are and how they actually live. When searching for a roommate, I failed to give much thought about where my potential roommate was from and how it may affect how they act. When my roommate Will contacted me and said he was from Tennessee, I thought it seemed pretty interesting. Little did I know that the way he grew up was vastly different than the way I grew up. The first thing I noticed when I met Will on

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