The Sound System Of A Language Essay

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Phonology Assignment The sound system of a language also known as Phonology is the study of the sound of a language. It deals with rules that govern pronunciation and studies the function and patterning of the sound of a language according to our textbook “Why TESOL?”. For this assignments I have compared the English Language to the Spanish Language. What I have learned most about this assignment is that Native speakers of any language are generally exposed only to sounds of their language from the day they enter this world. Therefore, they only hear and use the sounds of their native language. Due to the language interference between Spanish and English, and ELL will have a hard time pronouncing many words. With the right tools and assessments, we can help ELLs overcome learning a new language and help them succeed in school. As you continue reading, I will discuss phonological units of sounds, explain my knowledge of phonology, and discuss how having knowledge of the EL’s home language acts as a foundation and strength to support the development of phonics in English. To begin with, phonology is the study of the sound system of a language. In this case I have compared two languages; English and Spanish. There are many errors an ELL student can make when learning a new language. An example of an error that an ELL would make would be the consonant /y/. In English the word “yes” has the /y/ sound /yes/ and in Spanish they pronounce it as a /jes/ sound /jes/. The reason of
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