The Sound of Music Essay

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The Sound of Music

In 1965 Robert Wise presented the world with his smashing box office hit film, The Sound of Music. Over time it has become known as one of the most loved and well-known musicals of all time. Shortly after its release it won many Academy awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Adapted Score, Best Film Editing, Best Film-Musical, Best Color Cinematography, and Best Costume design (Freiden par3). The movie is based upon the true story of the VonTrapp family and allows its audience to relive their family experience as well as their flight from Nazism just before the outbreak of World War Two.

So why is it that even today, The Sound of Music is still the "most popular
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The movie leads us to think that the root of Nazism lay solely with Germany, and that it was evil Germans under Hitler who overthrew innocent Austria and turned it into a fascist nation. Because most Americans are not history buffs on Austria's role in the Anschluss, we tend to believe that The Sound of Music, or perhaps even Schindler's List, presents us with completely factual evidence. In a sense, we have allowed this movie to be a history book that tells the tale of the Anschluss. Because German Nazism is presented so negatively in the movie, of course an American audience will side with the Austrians who are so innocently represented by the VonTrapp family. No one else is there to tell the audience any differently.

In the minds of the American audience, The Sound of Music creates a story of an innocent Austria trying to escape the evils of Nazi Germany. The movie was correct in showing that many Austrians wanted to remain Austrian vs. becoming German, but the overwhelming majority of Austrians at the time were actually fully supportive of the coming Anschluss. On March 13, 1938, "Hitler entered Vienna in a triumphant motorcade. Thousands of ecstatic Austrians greeted him with unbridled enthusiasm, waving Nazi flags and screaming his name" (Perez par22). Perhaps the VonTrapp family didn’t welcome Hitler with such enthusiasm, but the movie leads us to
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