The Source Of Referral Was Referred By An Outpatient Mental Health Provider

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The source of referral was referred by an outpatient mental health provider, through the request of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. The client was referred to obtain in-home intensive services by a Full Service Partnership (FSP) program. The client referenced in this case will be referred as Alyssa in order to protect this person’s true identity by maintaining confidentiality. Alyssa is a 26 year-old Hispanic female, who has been linked recently to the Full Service Partnership (FSP) program. Alyssa presents to be oriented to time, place, person, and situation. At times, she presents well groomed and other times disheveled. Alyssa is currently facing a life-style transition which has stirred up emotions of…show more content…
Currently, she has no desire to engage in social activities which is impaired by feelings of sadness. She also reports that she does not have many friends, but the few she has tend to let her down. Alyssa reports her best friend is her biological mother. As for having intimate relationships, she will engage in risky sexual activity with any male she meets at a party. Alyssa reports of having multiple incidents of cutting self on her wrists and inner thighs. She states this makes her feel good when she is unable to deal with emotional pain. She reports of battling with bulimia during her teenage years because she felt her weight was inappropriate. Alyssa denies having an eating disorder or using substance abuse at the present time. Though, she reports of not being able to maintain employment and has also been struggling with completing her GED. Alyssa reports she has many goals but has difficulty with following through. Alyssa grew up with her mother, father and brother. She reports having a close relationship with her biological parents; that was until she turned the age of 6. Alyssa’s biological father left the home because he was an abusive husband. He would verbally and physically abuse her biological mother. Since then, Alyssa and her older biological brother were raised by their biological mother. Alyssa’s highest level of education completion is the 9th grade. She is able to read and write proficiently. As for her
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