The Sources Of Injustice Explained By Simone De Beauvoir

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(An Analysis of the Sources of Injustice Explained by Simone de Beauvoir in Second Sex)

The idea of feminism and women’s rights have been under attack for years. Women themselves have been under attack for their entire lives. Women always have to be doing things correctly or men attack their very being. Men have expected women to be submissive to them from the beginning of time, as life has always been a patriarchy. Feminism has always been buried under the dirt but in the last 50-100 years, it has been exhumed from the grave. In this time women have been fighting for rights, especially through literature. As Amanda J. Davis explains in her essay about feminism, “Authors deconstruct such concepts as home, safety, and shelter in their respective texts and reposition them in the context of social injustices born out of the volatile intersection of race, class, and gender oppression.” (Davis) There have been many women authors who have helped define feminism, one of the most famous being Simone de Beauvoir. Beauvoir taught herself philosophy and then began her own teaching career and authorship. Her novel Second Sex quickly became a beacon of the feminist movement in the 1950’s. She writes about the causes and effects of the oppression shown to women all around the world, especially in the United States. Simone de Beauvoir shows in The Second Sex that there are many sources of injustice toward women including biological, social and economic, and legal. As Beauvoir

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