The Sousa Band

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Have you ever heard of John Philip Sousa the “First American Superstar?” John was the leader of the U.S Marine band for 12 years. John resigned to do something new. John decided to try something new. Sousa decided to start his own band. He couldn’t decide what he wanted the band to be, out of the different types of bands. Sousa started to think about all the different types of bands:brass bands, military bands, and symphony orchestras. Then Sousa thought about combining all the things he likes about each band, as stated in the article. Sousa then formed the “Sousa Band”. Although in the article it says “one newspaper called it a military orchestra band.” It took some time to officially form the Sousa band. Once the band took off it was popular for over 40 years. They played for many many crowds.…show more content…
Sousa is the band conductor. As the leader of the band, Sousa was very busy. He chose the music for each concert. The band was a combination of different instruments. In conclusion the Sousa band was very popular. People didn’t have radio’s or televison so they had to go to concerts. When the Sousa band came to town, they would declare it Sousa Day. People loved the Sousa band it was a
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