The South African Apartheid and Music

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back then, everything was split, and it tore everything apart, families. races, and everything elce you can think of. however, one of the things that drove the apartheid government away was music.
Music reminded people that they should unite with each other again instead of splitting apart. Francois Malan was the person that started the apartheid group. he was elected in 1948. after he was elected, , he started to change sirtain laws. he divided people into four groups, whites blacks. cullered and Indians. these laws restricted the rights of some certain groups. he wanted to split the country and give more rights to a sirtain group than the other groups. he began to set certain laws, that divided the races that populated southafrica and that is one of the main reasons that created the antiapartheid group. in 1950 sevral changes turned up. one of the first changes was the change to the introduction of the population registration act. the change required citizens should state their race, weather if they were white, black . or coloured. they stated other acts such as the area act, and the groups act which created a huge seperation between races. every race had its own business, home, areas and so on. the blacks and coloured race are the most races who were effected in a negative way. they weren't able to vote, or register in sport activities. as the decades went…
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