The South : America With A Difference

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Scholars have referred to the South as “America with a difference”. This difference has tried to be defined by different historians, and it has produced various strains of the American South history. Therefore, the south has drawn various historians, novelists, and poets in the quest to define the central theme of the southern history. This has largely interested many scholars as the south was known to be settled by a different Englishman, its experience of poverty since it was a nation that only knew abundance and its loss in the civil war as it was known as a nation that always had success (Gerster and Cords 11). Some writers have tried to define the difference of southern America regarding its passion for agriculture and slavery. However, time has caught up with these themes, slavery has ended, but a different South remains, the South is leaving agrarian ways, poverty has become a national tragedy and immigrations to the South have been rampant. Therefore, a central and definite history of this land is hard to get, and there will be a continued quest by historians to define it. This paper will look at Ulrich B. Phillips’ view a major element to be noted in the Southern history is racism, and David L. Smiley’s view that the central theme lies upon two things: “effects of the environment and certain acquired characteristics of the south people” which led to slavery. Ulrich B. Phillips defines the central theme of the southern history as racism, and his vision has gained

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