The South China Sea

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The Environment The South China Sea, a body of water located in the western Pacific Ocean, borders many nations within East and Southeast Asia such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. The topography of the region varies widely. One of the major defining features of the South China Sea is its deep sea basin located in the east which includes reef-filled shoals and sandbanks. These shoals also span the south and northwest regions. While the continental shelf drops sharply towards the eastern side of the basin, the shelf remains broad and shallow towards the northwest side. The south region consists of layers of littoral sediments either composed of clay or volcanic ash, found primarily due to the previous volcanic eruption. The climate of the entire region is tropical, thus incredibly hot and humid, and controlled primarily by the monsoons. Lastly, the vast number of connecting channels, for example the Taiwan Strait and the Luzon Strait, are of utmost importance.
Natural Resource
Although the South China Sea is located between many countries that claim parts of its waters, it is generally agreed that the sea covers the Spratly islands and the waters surrounding them. The South China Sea lies home to many lucrative resources such as fish and the possibility of oil, but perhaps its most powerful and compelling resource is its location and status as a popular transportation route for trade vessels. A recent study by the SAIS review of International Affairs…

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