The South Was Prepared For A Major War

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By the 1860s, neither the North nor the South was prepared for a major war. However, while the north at least had a functioning government in place, more resources to begin with, and a more effective leader, the South had virtually nothing in comparison. They lacked infrastructure and population to serve in the military, their finances were in shambles, and they had a weak leader. These factors played a great impact in determining the outcome of the war. Having sufficient resources is imperative to success during a time of war. Whether it is monetary or material, it lays the foundation for the other factors of success to come together and ultimately win the war. In the south, however, they lacked many of these vital resources needed…show more content…
This allowed their soldiers to be more well equipped at all times versus the southern soldiers who were sporadically armed and whose basic necessities sometimes weren’t met. Along with material resources, the North’s population was much greater than that of the South’s. 2.1 million people fought for the North, which represented nearly half of the eligible population, whereas only 900,000 people fought for the South, which made up 90 percent of its eligible population. The North also had an inflow of Irish and German immigrants who enlisted to fight in place of some native Northerners. Many ex-slaves from the South also fought for the Union, again increasing the North’s numbers. Another hindering resource for the Confederacy was their financial situation. Their unstable finances turned out to set them back more than their lack of industrial capacity. Their economy relied on cotton exports, however a Union blockade made this revenue stream almost nonexistent. To make up for this loss in revenue, the government tried to raise taxes, “but southerners resisted taxation”(Goldfield, The American Journey, 408). The government then sold bonds, but as the Confederacy lost money, bond sales drastically decreased. With few options left, the Confederate government started printing money to finance the rest of the war. This
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