Essay The Southeast Native Americans: Cherokees and Creeks

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The Native Americans of the southeast live in a variety of environments. The environments range from the southern Appalachian Mountains, to the Mississippi River valley, to the Louisiana and Alabama swamps, and the Florida wetlands. These environments were bountiful with various species of plant and animal life, enabling the Native American peoples to flourish. “Most of the Native Americans adopted large-scale agriculture after 900 A.D, and some also developed large towns and highly centralized social and political structures.” In the first half of the 1600s Europeans encountered these native peoples. Both cultures encountered new plants, animals, and diseases. However, the Indians received more diseases compared to the few new diseases…show more content…
They crafted various items like hickory bows, canoes, baskets, drums, and farming tools. The Creeks traded with other tribes like the Cherokee and Natchez, and traded with colonials, “they used the Choctaw trade language.” “The Creeks struggled to retain their homes, and their innate intelligence, had acquired the rudiments of the white man’s culture and were making progress in civilized ways.” This however was not enough for the Creeks to keep their lands. In their first loss, in 1814 the Creeks lost 23,000,000 acres of land in the Treaty of Horseshoe Bend. Then “in 1825 13 chiefs ceded all remaining lands to the state of Georgia.” The 1830 Removal Act called for total Indian removal, and in 1836 the government began its forceful removals to the area around the Arkansas River. Some 14,000 Creeks were removed from their lands, and of those “nearly 4,000 died during their trip.” “In 1971 the Creeks in Oklahoma began to reorganize into the Muscogee Nation.” Today the Creeks call the area in and around Okmulgee Oklahoma home. This land is made up of some 143,000 acres. In addition the Creeks also have a small patch of land in their native Alabama of 213 aces. Their population today is roughly a little over 40,000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, the number of those from pure Creek decent is probably a lot less. The Cherokee, another of the Five Civilized Tribes, was regarded this way because they lived in similar ways to Americans. The

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