The Southern Poverty Law Center : Group Analysis

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is extremely dedicated in what they do and how they represent themselves. They fight against hatred and prejudice while searching for a fairness system for those individuals in society who are more liable than others. SPLC uses education, prosecution and additional ways of justification to try and make opportunity and justice equal for everyone. This is a difficulty that will be worth it in the long run.
There was a lot of essential information in the “Hate and Extremism” section. The SPLC regulates hate groups and other revolutionist such as the KKK, neo-Nazi movement, white nationalists and antigovernment militias throughout the U.S. They would reveal these individuals actions to the media, general public
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The group I decided to focus on was the Black Separatist. The ideology and “mission” for this group is that black separatists will deny integration and racially mixed marriages while wanting individual institutions and even nations for black individuals in the United States. They are usually anti-white and anti-Semitic. SPLC understands that racism should be made public in all forms. A reported hate incident is the Nation of Islam with the leader being Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan did not reject any of the ideas of anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-Catholic ideas that the leader Elijah Mohammed had before. Farrakhan believes that Jews and Catholics attack blacks. He wanted racial segregation and denounced against integrated affiliations.
Another group I decided to analyze was the Neo-Confederacy in Texas. This group looks upon 20th and 21st century reawakening of pro-Confederate belief in the U.S. Neo-Confederacy takes part in follow Christianity and customs with additional essential values that modern Americans are likely to disregard. Also, Neo-Confederacy is belligerent towards democracy, fight against homosexuality, supports the idea of traditional gender roles and displays a tolerance towards race that favors discrimination and goes for white supremacy. Recently, neo-Confederacy is used by advocators and critics to explain a belief system that has raised
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