The Southern Training Group: An Analysis

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The Southern Training Group 1. Introduction The New Zealand economy is somewhat similar to the global economy. The past two decades have witnesses increasing liberalization and industrialization, and the country has moved away from agrarian activities. Still, problems remain within the state and these have been exacerbated by the internationalized economic crisis. In fact, economic problems surfaced in New Zealand before the inception of the economic crisis in late 2007. Since then, the country's gross domestic product has contracted several times. Today, New Zealand has officially overcome the crisis, yet it still has to address some notable problems, such as the weakening of its infrastructure or an increased sensitivity to external demands and investments (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). In such a setting, the future economic objective of the New Zealand community would be that of strengthening the economic sectors in order to further support production. And in this sense, it has to be noted that the sector with the lowest levels of production (measured by percentage of GDP contribution), and also the sector generating the least employment opportunities, is represented by agriculture. And this issue should be addressed by the players in the New Zealand economic sector. The Southern Training Group is a domestic training company, providing services in the fields of building, engineering, electronics and automotive. Still, the company identifies the issues
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