The Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines


The vision of a company discusses what the company hopes to achieve within a given period. The vision of a company promotes the development and is a measure of growth within the organization. The value of the company incorporates the people who are valuable to the company. The company can value its workers, shareholders or its customers in a given market. The vision of the company should be long term and should be unique compared to the visions of other companies. The management should formulate a mission statement for every statement to remind the workers why the company operates and its objective. The mission statement serves as a reminder that the company has some objectives that the workers have to work on to be achieved. Failure in most companies is attributed to the loss of sight of the objectives set by the company. The management should emphasis on the mission statement to ensure the success of the company (Gittell, 2005).

Goals and objectives
The goals of a company or the objectives are the targets that the organization aims to achieve to have a competitive niche over other businesses in the market. In the formulation of a company's goals, the management must take into account the vision of the company. The Mission statement for Southwest Airlines is to ensure high quality customer services with logic of warmth, company spirit and pride while being friendly to the customers. The company values include the customers who

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