The Southwest Metro Drug Task Force

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I. 2015 Annual Review “It is the mission of the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force to provide a comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional effort to reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences and to provide effective drug awareness education through the coordination and resource sharing of its participating agencies.” Overview The Southwest Metro Drug Task Force in cooperation with local law enforcement and with the support of local communities once again experienced another successful year. These participating agencies have made a commitment to their community in deterring drugs to decrease the exposure to their citizens. Over 2015, four out of the task forces five agents began their assignment with the task force. Our overall productivity remained consistently high. 2015 nearly mirrored 2014. In 2015 our task force investigated a total of 272 cases, compared to 274 cases in 2014. A total of 84 search warrants were conducted in 2015, compared to 83 in 2014. A total of 114 drug related arrests occurred in 2015 as compared to 120 in 2014. A total of 36 non-drug arrests occurred in 2015, compared to 20 in 2014. As in the past, the four main drug threats in our service area have been cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana. Our service saw a slight increase of heroin. In 2014 we seized/purchased a total of 154.2 grams of heroin, while seizing/purchasing 178.85 grams in 2015. We are very aware of the national attention heroin currently has received through

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