The Southwood School Principal Will Begin By Giving A Welcoming

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The Southwood School Principal will begin by giving a welcoming speech to the new employees. In this discourse, the Principal will survey the agenda for the day by quickly reviewing the course of events of the arranged meetings. In addition, review the school’s organizational culture, history, goals and objectives, vision and mission. The Principal will likewise utilize this opportunity to introduce New Employee Orientation Board: the School Administrator, the HR Management, the Head of IT, and the Director of Finance.
Subsequently, the Principal will then request that the new hires take out their Employee Checklist from their New Orientation Folder and instruct them that this will be their guideline for today’s orientation and first full
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Meeting with Finance Director The Director of Finance wears multiple hats. Rishav Mahajan (2014) defines the role of finance director, “financial management is an area of financial decision making, harmonizing individual motives and enterprises goals” (Mahajan, 2014). Head of finance works hand in hand with all branches of the school similar to the HRM. An overview of the range of responsibilities includes “analyze and present financial reports, oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process, effectively communicate and present critical financial matters to the board of directors” (The Bridgespan Group, n.d). The Director of Finance end goal is to ensure the effective utilization of funds necessary for efficient operations. With their end goal in mind, the Director of Finance will review pertinent information such as “special billing procedures for us of offices systems” (Shaw, n.d), budget plan and procurement process in addition proper procedures for paid time off, supply orders, field trips, business travel, extra-curricular activities, school lunch and school fundraisers.

To fulfill the organizations financial strategic plan “with intense pressure on funding, income diversification is an important strategic driver in helping universities become more financially sustainable” (CASE, 2017). Therefore in regards to income diversification fundraising is a common strategic

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