The Soviet Revolution Of Ussr

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1. America was always anti-communist however they were also isolationists until after 1945.
In WWII the US fought alongside Russia. Russia, however, was communist ever since the Russian Revolution in 1917. The Russian Revolution also brought to the surface USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republics). The USSR was the only real controlling party of Russia from 1917-99. Because of the anti-communist tension of the US, the US did not recognize the legitimacy of the USSR until 1934. So even though the US fought alongside USSR in WWII, there was always a sort of mistrust.

The US has changed since 1945. Firstly, the US’ foreign policy changed. Before 1945 the US practiced isolationism, which let them believe whatever they wanted but not actually act. After WWII, the US became the world’s policeman. WWII did not drain the US’ economy, in fact it improved it significantly, whereas other countries fell, it left a place up on top for the US. So the US became a world power and an interventionist nation, throwing isolationism right out the door; but it does not stop there. The US is also determined to stop the spread of communism, and starting in 1993 the war on terrorism. And as soon as WWII ends the Cold War starts with the USSR.

2. One of the most important presidents during the Cold War was Harry S. Truman. He set forth the notion of containment. Containment is where the US tried to contain communism in every country they could. A great fear was that of the domino effect, the
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