The Soviet Union And The United States

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Emerging as the victors of the Second World War, the Soviet Union and the United States became the most notorious superpowers in modern world history. They dominated the globe economically, politically, and militarily. Although the USSR and the United States worked together to defeat Nazism and Japanese Imperialism in the 1930s and 1940s, they were weary of each other. For example, the USSR employed a communist, government controlled economy, and arguably an authoritarian system of government, meanwhile the United States had a free-market capitalistic democracy. Having two world powers with opposing political and economic systems caused major international complications.
Being a capitalist democracy, the United States was afraid of the potential spread of communism. Communism was seen as a threat to American social, economic, and political life. American leaders of the late 1940s, sought to remedy this agonizing fear of potential American Communism. Consequently President Truman developed his three-part Cold War policy. Involving military buildup, containment, and economic assistance. The Americans they felt if one country fell under the influence of communism, the surrounding countries would as well, commonly referred to as the domino theory. Therefore, The United States exercised containment, a major policy in the Cold War; suggested by George F. Keenan, an American diplomat stationed in Moscow Russia. In regards to economic assistance the most successful foreign policy

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