The Soviet Union During The World War II

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In 1945 the Second World War came to an end, many people thought there would be peace and happiness once it ended. They were correct for a while, until the turmoil left over by the World War II began a new war in itself. Germany did not like its punishment as it nearly ruined their economy and it was divided up into four areas, each controlled by United State, Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France respectively. But at the time they did not agree with many things which began to affect the territory control. The Soviet Union began to take over Eastern Europe and create communist governments. Along with the Communist governments being created in Europe, the Soviet Union began to create communist governments in Korea, Asia, and other parts…show more content…
Both sides had their disagreements and arguments over time, which ultimately lead to the beginning of the cold war and everything that followed in the coming years of the war. During this time the relationship between Moscow and Washington D.C. became severed and through espionage, propaganda, army reinforcements, and political movements things became even tenser between the Superpowers. The turmoil over Europe began when the Soviet Union wanted to take control of Poland due to the issue that they were invaded through Poland by Germany in World War II. The United States did not agree and thought that Poland should be able to choose their own form of government. Once the Soviet Union began to take more control over Eastern Europe, the United Stated began to aid east Europe by trying to control how much power the Soviet Union had over it. The United State created the Truman Doctrine, which provided aid to countries who were being threatened by the Soviet Union and their attempt to create a communist government. The United States Later created the Marshall plan as well, which provided money to the countries threatened by the Soviet grip over Europe. This allowed them to fill holes in their government and reinforce their army to fight off Soviet control. Naturally the Soviet Union did not like this and attempted to stop the United State from helping Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union
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