The Soviet Union During World War II

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During World War II women in the Soviet Union played a major role in helping the
USSR win the war in a lot of different ways. In my paper I am going to show how Soviet women helped Russia win the war and the ways they went about in doing that. I am also going to write about how women were seen in the Soviet Union during this time and how the war changed how women were perceived in Russian society. Also I am going to write about how the efforts of women evolved throughout the war and how their roles changed during the conflict. Throughout my paper I am also going to mention individual women who played instrumental roles during the war and write about how they changed the direction of the war and also how women were perceived in Soviet society. While most toiled in industry, transport, agriculture and other civilian roles, working double shifts to free up enlisted men to fight and increase military production, a sizable number of women served in the army. The majority were in medical units. There were 800,000 women who served in the Soviet Armed Forces during the war.[1] Nearly 200,000 were decorated and 89 eventually received the Soviet Union’s highest award, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Some served as pilots,[2] snipers, machine gunners, tank crew members and partisans, as well as in auxiliary roles.[3] At first, when Germany attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, thousands of women who volunteered were turned away. Two…
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