The Soviet Union

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At the commencement of the Soviet Union, there was a grave of food shortages; to improve the agricultural productions; in 1921 Lenin instated the New Economic Plan (NEP). The New Economic Plan gave the opportunity for the farmers or peasants to produce their crops for profit; in the years that followed, some of these farmers were prosperous after the implementation of the NEP. Unfortunately, Stalin abandoned the NEP and replaced it with the Five Year Plan, he also justified the collectivization of Agriculture and lastly Stalin’s statism had an impact on Russian History. As previously stated, the NEP gave the opportunity for the agricultural sector to be prosperous; however, some of the farmers such as the kulaks, had become dissatisfied due to the fact that there were no manufacture goods for them to purchase with the profits of their crops. As a result, the kulaks refused to sell their crops as a form of political protest. Of course their actions were not well seen by Stalin, who accused the kulaks for the food shortages in the Soviet Union and order for the property if any peasant who opposed the government to be confiscated.
Sometimes the provincial workers refused to sell their crops as a form of political protest. As a consequence, several kulaks began to slaughter their livestock and destroyed their farms rather than have the state taken over their property. Moreover, the beginning of a civil war in Russia developed between the military and the provincial works;…
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