The Soviet Union Of Ukraine

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Over the past eighteen months Russia has continued to dismiss the outrage over its deliberate violation of international law when it invaded and annexed the Crimea region in Ukraine. The United States of America will not stand idly by as the democratic freedoms of Ukrainians are abused and disregarded by the Kremlin. The purpose of this report is to provide the Administration the required information and policy options to make an informed and balanced decision of how the United States should respond to resurgent Russian power in Ukraine. This report will first detail the statement of issue, followed by further background, pre-existing policies and finally this reports own policy options. Our final recommendation in this report is a reduction in NATOs efforts, lead by the U.S., of including Ukraine and other Eastern Europe states to become members. This should appease Russia enough that they will no longer feel an inflated sense of entitlement to Crimea and will withdraw their troops. Statement of the issue: In the twenty-five years since the collapse of the Soviet Union the United States has kept a close watch on the conduct of Russia and former Soviet states. Numerous U.S. agencies and departments have closely monitored the most recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia in the last twelve months. Ukrainian-Russian separatists have, since February 2014, led militia based attacks through Ukraine specifically the region of Crimea, where there is a strong push

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