The Soviet Union Was A Totalitarian State

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George Orwell once said “Big Brother is watching you.” This simple, yet seamless, quote can summarize the government’s rule that once cast a thick cloud over the Soviet Union. John Scott’s recounts prove that the Soviet Union had absolute control over the freedom, will, and thoughts of all the people that inhabited the domain. Through hardship, lack of supplies, poor working conditions, and the mistrust of the soviet people, I believe the Soviet Union was a Totalitarian State. A Totalitarian Regime exercises control over all political, social, and economical activities in a nation. When John Scott left the United States he didn’t take this into consideration. He was a young ambitious man whose nation was in the midst of a great depression, and he wanted out. When he caught wind that the Soviet Union had nearly a 100% employment rate, he wanted to be a part of that 100%. When he left the US, destined for the Soviet Union, he stopped in Germany and was setback by the amount of healthy men out of work who were living with their parents (4). This opened his eyes, making him realize the depression was taking its toll on the world as a whole, not just the United States. Finally, after becoming legal in the Soviet Union, John Scott landed a job constructing Furnaces at Magnitogorsk (5). Magnitogorsk was a massive industrial city that was held at the mercy of the Totalitarian Regime in charge of the Soviet Union. Many people at Magnitogorsk were felons, peasants,
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