The Soviet Union Won Four Gold Medals

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James walks into the Olympic Center Stadium, feeling a brisk of cold air hit him as he sees the clean sheet of ice. He looks around to see Americans, his people, laughing anxiously around him and others taunting their elite rivals. Must have drank too much, he thought. He walks down the stairs, a classic Vienna-Beef hotdog Chicago-Style on one hand, and his ticket held in the other. 27E it read. James walked 12 more steps down and found his seat. When he finally reached his spot, he sat down and relaxed.
This was going to be one of the biggest games of the year, James thought. The Soviet Union won four gold medals since the 1960’s, and the United States, on the other hand, was not doing so good themselves. In fact, the whole past
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Their team was most likely about to prove ultimate victory that Soviets’ are superior in all aspects; assuming they would win the hockey match. It’s not that Vladimir was in hopes to see America struggle, but he wanted to reassure his passion for the success of his country. O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people, To Communism 's triumph lead us on!, he sang to himself, how the national anthem of his beautiful union spoke to him. His wife and him stood at the entrance of the stadium for a while, so she could reapply her bold red lipstick, and highlight her beauty; of which every Soviet lady did. He grabbed her hand, and escorted her down to his seat, 27E and 27F. While he was walking down, he noticed an American, downing a beer. Ha, unexpected he thought, but it was then he realized, that American was sitting in one of his seats, 27E. He felt an instant level of anxiety approach. He knew he was on American soil, he couldn’t just challenge him, he was the submissive role. Vladimir worried he made a mistake with the purchase or misread, because certainly the american or the stadium or the booth he purchased from certainly wouldn’t make such an error. Was he to ask security? Or negotiate with the American. “Talk to him, maybe see if he’s a nice American.” Svetlana suggested, “This isn’t the first time miscommunication happened, just talk it out, like you would do back home, she continued. Although he wasn’t fond of Svetlana’s verbal attitude, talking
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