The Soviets And U.S. From 1945 Onwards

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When thinking about and analyzing the idea of Soviet Russia and the United States' views on 'world domination' and the possible achievement of such, one must first take many things into consideration. The first and foremost would be to observe and think critically about the worldwide political landscape in the years following World War II (1945 onwards). This time in history (and leading all the way through the Cold War) can be seen as a period of intense ideological polarization across the globe. Obviously there were supporters of the two rival camps expressing hope that their ideology would emerge triumphant over the other and become the pre-eminent form of government worldwide. Elements within the allied blocs led by the Soviet Union…show more content…
This train of thought and action (the continued stockpiling of bombs by the USSR and also the United States) created Soviet atomic capabilities which then in turn had obvious military implications for the security of the United States. After such strides in military achievement, the Soviet's military potential was then placed in an increased position relative to that of the United States. The Continental U.S. would now have fears of, for the first time, being vulnerable to serious damage from air and guided missile attack. The United States losing their monopoly on the nuclear market certainly reduced the effectiveness both militarily and psychologically of the Atlantic Pact. The United States had lost its capability of threatening to make an effective atomic attack upon the war-making potential of the U.S.S.R. without danger of retaliation in kind. Thus, Soviet possession of atomic bombs seriously threatened United States and Allied capabilities for air operations from the United Kingdom as well as other advanced bases. It also put a damper on the ability of and tendency towards amphibious operations against the European continent or other areas within range of Soviet attack. Through the evolution of this summary and analysis of the happenings of the arms race, something very interesting is happening on the global political front. Basically the Soviets keeping pace with the
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