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Art 101 Final Paper James Gage April 19, 2013 Title: The Sower Artist: Vincent Van Gogh Dare: 1888 Artistic Medium and Size of work: The Sower is an oil on canvas (25-1/4 X 31-3/4 Inches) Visual Elements * Line: In “The Sower” I see many actual lines. In this piece each line of which are very obviously implying the subject matter and the symbolism of man’s ability to create, which is represented by the sower. The knotty tree in the front constitutes a diagonal division of the piece itself, whereas the piece is visibly wider than it is tall. The line through the middle of the canvas easily separate’s the body of water from the sun setting in the sky. As are the round lines of the sun very prominent. The diagonal line that…show more content…
Van Gogh uses his ability of producing quality wholeness through different elements and combines these elements to achieve complex and interesting art. The colors that are used in “The Sower” tie the entire piece together, from the line formation to the touch of motion and space that is all so easily implied. * Balance: Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Sower” is definitely a piece of art that reflects a symmetrical balance. This is a peaceful arrangement of elements that are not perfect if they were to be mirrored. Yet the elements are arranged so it is not confusing or overwhelming for the viewer. In my opinion this piece of art is a painting based truly on nature itself and human nature as well. For example the symmetry in how the tree has grown to the side first then up, rather than just grown straight up. * Emphasis and Subordination: The emphasis and the focal point of this piece at first seems to be the knotty tree placed in the foreground. As I have studied this piece while doing this research however, in my opinion the focal point is meant to be the sower. The knotty tree stands out, but you begin to wonder what it is the man beside the tree is doing. The tree is subordinate in this piece of art, and may seem awkward and out of place and perhaps the trees only purpose may have been to merely distract the viewer. The sower is the emphasis of this piece. He is the motion in this piece and he catches the eyes

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