The Soweto Uprising of 1976 an education Related Outcry by Students

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A system of legal separation amongst races dominated the Republic of South Africa, namely apartheid between 1948 until 1993. Apartheid led to the separation and discrimination between whites against people of colour. Not only was this racism commonly accepted between whites against blacks, but it was also legally enforced as white’s maintained priority in terms of housing, education, political power and jobs. I will be examining a particular event, The Soweto Uprising of 1976 which was an education related outcry by students. This event carries with it a great deal of importance as it was a very powerful thing to impact South Africa and help in the deconstruction of the Apartheid government. A decree issued by the Bantu Education in 1976…show more content…
The number of students involved gathered up to around 10,000. On their way to the stadium, it was reported that around fifty armed policemen stopped the students in an attempt to send them back. Initially the policemen tried (but failed) to disperse the crowds by means of warning shots fired and tear gas. The situation however took a severe turn as policemen instead began firing shots directly into the crowd. While some students attempted to fight back by means of throwing stones, many simply ran for cover. Two students lost their lives from police gunfire that day, Hastings Ndlovu and Hector Pieterson while hundreds of other students were treated for various degrees of injury during this outrageous chaos that swarmed Soweto. These shootings lead to the almighty uprising that spread to over 100 urban and rural areas all around South Africa. An iconic photograph taken by Sam Nzima of a dying Hector Peterson was published in various newspapers all around the world as well as reports on the brutal murders surrounding that day which shocked and outraged the international community. Worse still, the South African security forces were instructed to shoot to kill remaining protestors in the name of “law and order”. By night time, another 11 deaths

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