The Space Age Furniture Company

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Week Six Final
Erica Garofalo
Ashford University
BUS 644
Professor Gail
September 29, 2014

Space Age Furniture Company makes tables and cabinets used to house microwave ovens and portable televisions. Operations Officer, Coral Snodgrass, is currently dealing with a problem in the companies manufacturing. Operations managers are responsible for generating value in the forms of goods and services. Their goal is to simultaneously balance supply and demand both financially and through marketing. Operations managers are imperative to run a business efficiently; they signify the difference between value-added input and output (PPP). Coral just got word from the foreman that his most reliable worker, Ed is unhappy due to a manufacturing
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Our book defines JIT as, “… a philosophy of operation that seeks to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste in any form”( Vonderembse 2013, Chapt 11.1). Perhaps one of the greatest functions of JIT is that it uncovers the problems in production by keeping minimal items available. With no pools of inventory the goal of JIT it to allow a smooth flow of production without any kinks or waste. Since using the JIT system Space Age has uncovered a problem with its key worker ED putting in to many hours due to a glitch in the production of part 3079.
In addition to the manufacturing problem Space Age is facing they are also in a dilemma regarding the reduction of overtime costs and inventory costs. If the over time costs tend to lessen the inventory costs, overtime costs would be higher and the employee would be unhappy. If inventory costs reduce overtime costs then inventory costs would be higher than previous. Managers of Space Age are in need of suggestions for tracking the job status and location during production. The optimum mode of production needs to be identified and, some changes are required for creating value for the company along with the customer. The master production schedule was given from Coral.
Master Production Schedule:
Master Schedule
1 2 3 4 5 6
Gemini 600 400 700 500 400 600
Saturn 300 400 400 600 300 300

Part 3079 is the production
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