The Space And Space Exploration

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In the midst of presidential race between many candidates, Ted Cruz was one that stood out because of his many plans and policies on space exploration. Ted Cruz has spoken of what he plans on doing if he were to become president. He plans on developing a rocket and capsule that can take astronauts clear into Mars early as 2030. He adds that this is a crucial part in space exploration and developing NASA in to full capacity. The project which will cost billions of dollars will further advance the United States into the superior space program over any other country in the world. While many of Cruz’s opponents think that spending money on space exploration is an extreme waste of valuable cash, Cruz still defends his ideas and plans on turning this country into the space super power. Cruz seems to care a lot about space exploration and plans on making that a huge part of his run at presidency.

The space war so to speak between the United States and Russia is one that will continue through the ages and one that Cruz has repeatedly said he will put a stop to. He insists that we can get astronauts to the space station without the help of our rival Russia. As we all know The U.S. has been reliant on Russia for a long time including back in 2011 when they helped shuttle astronauts to the orbiting lab. Cruz who represents the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas believes that he is the best candidate for those astronomy aficionados. Florida senator Bill Nelson deeply agrees

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