The Space Of Deep Sea Exploration

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Since the 1950s, America and the rest of the world have been fascinated by space exploration, extraterrestrial life, and alien planets; but in reality our own planet is an alien planet. To this day only five percent of our oceans have been discovered, while our oceans make up seventy-one percent of the earth. Scientists believe that the oceans have been around since the earth was just molten rock and in its early formation, also all life originated from the ocean. So why explore out when we haven’t explored our own ocean? Our oceans could contain many secrets to the world that are still unknown. According to Ryan Carlyle, a subsea hydraulics engineer Works in the oil industry as an engineer for Deepwater well control equipment; he directs the installation and operation of seafloor equipment designed to make sure subsea oil wells can be safely drilled and completed. Is a leader in the field of deep sea exploration is convinced that “the ocean is excruciatingly boring,” and way too expensive to take the time to explore; but also believes that the exotic life found at the depths is quite interesting. Although the ocean is said to be expensive to explore and the deep is barren, the ocean contains many unknown species that could contain the secrets to the many questions we pose on the surface; therefore oceanic exploration should be more prevalent while we still have the ability to do so. The ocean contains 50-80% of all life on earth, much of which is still unknown. Marissa…
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