The Space Of Space Exploration

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Introduction Since the beginning of the Space Race between the US and USSR, human civilization began to step forward into a new era of space exploration. Numerous artificial objects were sent onto the earth orbits for various purposes. Their existence brought human race a broader vision and deeper understanding upon the outer space. However, many of them and parts remain in space. Some were retired and deserted, and some shattered into pieces. More and more have realized that,these out-of-control objects, are nowadays a big concern we cannot ignore for planning our future space missions. This research paper will focus on the facts concerning the population and danger due to the existence of space debris. Also, it will also introduce the current methods of taking surveillance over these space junk and the effort made to reduce their number. Condition and Growth of Current Space Debris Population NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office posted an estimation on its website that 95%[ (cited 1/15/2015)] of the tracked earth orbit objects are space debris. They are out-numbered and threatening our functioning spacecrafts and satellites in a way of taking space on earth orbits, limiting our space projects in an invasive way. One of NASA’s report indicates that the population of the orbital debris estimated by NASA on LEO(Low Earth Orbit) has exceeded 300,000. Over 19,000 of them were tracked by Department of Defense’s

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