The Space Of Space Travel

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Introduction Space travel is a propelled trip outside our planet. This trip will be either by a spacecraft that contains human inside it or just a controllable spacecraft so engineers or whoever works in the earth station can control this spacecraft. We do space travel because we want to discover more about the universe like how it started and where did our planet come from and if we are by our own or there are other creatures living somewhere else in the universe. Background Space exploration became part of human accomplishments after the discoveries and theoretical that been discovered by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Robert H. In 1957 The soviet union came at the top of the list by launching the first artificial satellite. After a couple of years, on 1961, the Russian astronaut became the first human to orbit the earth he lasted 108 minutes in his trip and he reached 327km height. It was like a race between the soviet union and the United States both sides trying hard to discover new things and do more space exploration, however in 1969 the United States made a big achievement in this race through the Apollo 11 mission, the target of this mission was to land on the moon by a spacecraft that contains human inside it and the astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human who walked on the moon. The journey took four days and the astronauts spent 21 hours on the moon surface and they were able to go back to earth safely, it was a big step in mankind 's history. In 1973, the

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