The Space Of Space Travel

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"OK, Houston, we 'Ve had a problem,” - A famous quote that came from a famous event in time. On April 13, 1970, one event changed a space expedition to space in an instant. Space Travel seems difficult already, but when you add an explosion in the mix, it becomes a whole new game. Apollo 13 one of the Apollo missions that will not be forgotten. Three American astronauts hoping for a great trip to space until their oxygen tank exploded and their spacecraft was ruined. Thankfully everything turned out fine in the end. This all led to some serious problems and a four day exploration to get back to earth safely. Introduction Traveling into space seems like a difficult journey, but when you add a fail to your spacecraft…show more content…
At about nine o’clock this explosion caused Oxygen tank number 2 to explode. this explosion lead to some major damage to the spacecraft and the astronauts chances and landing on the moon safely. Lovell looked out the left-hand window and saw that the spacecraft was letting out a gas and so the mission was aborted. The Command Module was losing pressure so they moved to the Landing Module which could be used as a lifeboat and had oxygen to survive. There was a problem however the Landing Module was only made to hold two people and support them for forty-five hours, but the astronauts were in a group of three and needed this to last about ninety hours. Another problem of the Landing Module was the astronauts had to have one-fifth water rations and eventually had to put up with temperature close to freezing. “Removal of carbon dioxide was also a problem, because the square lithium hydroxide canisters from the CM(Command module) were not compatible with the round openings in the LM(Landing Module) environmental system. Mission control built an impromptu adapter out of materials known to be onboard, and the crew successfully copied their model.” Navigation was a problem that could be solved only by the astronauts workings by hand to find the any directions home because the Landing Module did not have a navigation system to get home. They finally swung around the moon and took some pictures and
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