The Spanish American War And The Civil War

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1.The Spanish-American War was fought in 1898. It was a very short war and had very little deaths compared to the previous wars and battles. The Spanish-American War only lasted one hundred and thirteen days. Even though the Spanish American war was a short war, it had many of very useful world-changing outcomes. The conflict began when the Cubans wanted independence from Spain. Spain would not give Cubans their independence. The Cubans go tired of begging so eventually, the United States got involved, and it was an all-out war against Spain. Toward the end of the nineteenth-century, tensions were high between Spain and Cuba. Jose Marti wanted independence from Spain and the only way they believed they could do it was by declaring war in 1895. Many of Americans supported the Cubans who were struggling for freedom because lots of Americans were or still are in their shoes or knew who it felt to not have freedom. The newspaper journalists played a huge part at the beginning of the Spanish American War as well as during the war. The journalists published various articles talking bad about the Spanish government and published exaggerated stories of how the government was treating their citizens in Spain. One publisher wrote a letter to the ambassador in Spain expressing how he felt about him. He said that the ambassador was a weak leader, and he did not know anything about politics. The letter started up Americans aggressive nationalism. Not too long after that incident, an
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