The Spanish American War

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The Spanish-American War was the event that placed the United States of America on the world stage. It showed the world the United States militaries might and strength and proved that the United States could back up their beloved Monroe Doctrine. It placed America as an Imperialistic Nation, which was one idea looked down upon by so many of its citizens. This war and its effect on the world had its pros and cons, but one thing is unarguably for certain, this event changed the way America has been viewed by the world. The ultimate cause of the war was the blowing up of the USS Maine and the United States of America became an Imperialistic Nation when it annexed the Hawaiian Islands and Philippines. The first nudge to war with Spain was the Cubans revolt against its Spanish oppressor. The Americans sided with the underdog group of rebel patriots fighting for the independence of Cuba. They sided with the Cubans do to the similarities of their rebellion and the American Revolution. To anger the public and lean them ever closer to war was the brutal tactics of the Spanish General "Butcher" Weyler. He herded Cuban civilians in concentration camps like cattle. These camps were dirty and nasty and was arguably a miniature Holocaust. These events drew the United States of America closer to war. Equally important to cause of the Spanish-American War was the Business interests of the United States of America. The United States had an investment of over 50 million US Dollars and an
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