The Spanish American War and Charles Denton Young

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These are the conditions that the rough riders, buffalo soldiers, and american army had to overcome at most times to end up victors of the Spanish American War. According to an article by Patrick McSherry, approximately 55,000-60,000 men lost their lives to disease, gunshots, or wounds in the war. The Spanish American War was not necessarily the right thing to do, but in the end the war was worth it because of the land, partnerships, and power America gained as country because of the soldiers, leaders, and nations braveness.

According to Arlington National Cemetery, Colonel Charles Denton Young, a child of former slaves, grew up craving military involvement after his father enlisted as a private in the 5th Regiment of the Colored Artillery Volunteers. He got accepted into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point after graduating from an all white high school with honors at age 16. Graduating with honors at 16 was already a challenge in itself, but Charles proved to overcome that challenge, also while being the only african american in his class. After learning a lot from West Point, he graduated in 1864 as the 3rd african american to ever do so in history. Charles literally went the extra mile by graduating from both high school and West Point in the top of his class when some people treated him like he wouldn’t be…

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