The Spanish American War 's Impact On America

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The Spanish American War’s Impact on America When addressing the Spanish-American War, and the changes that it ushered in for America, it’s important to look at more than just the war itself. The people involved in the war, weather individuals or groups of people, were the real force of change. From people who fought in the war itself, mindsets that emerged from the victory, or the economic advantages gained; all point to one important thing. America became a larger world power in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War. Before discussing the long term implications of a war, it important to understand the war itself. Why did we go to war with Spain? What did we hope to gain? What did we plan on doing if we won? These questions will likely sound more familiar to most American’s now, than they did when the war itself began. We went to war with Spain, in order to liberate the peoples of Cuba from Spanish control. Approximately 95,000 Cubans had died after being forced into concentration camps by the Spanish (Green). This was something that appalled most Americans, and convinced many that the US. Needed to intervene. This effect was multiplied by the ever growing American press, who were able to sell more papers by covering the loss of life. Prior to the start of the Spanish-American War, America was still recovering from its own civil war. Neither northern or southern states had been in a situation to wage war since. The Spanish-American War changed that, uniting former

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