The Spanish Armad A Shift Of Power Creating Spain 's Demise And England 's Uprise

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Ashley Bowers
Mr. Kennedy
25 May 2016
The Spanish Armada: A Shift Of Power Creating Spain’s Demise and England’s Uprise Infinite power is unattainable, this is because the circumstances in situations change, therefore power is thus being constantly shifted from one place to another. Power shifting can be for better or for worse, however, undoubtably so, is inevitable. The Spanish Armada, which took place in August of fifteen eighty-eight, was a Spanish fleet of one hundred and thirty ships that sailed from A Coruña, with the purpose to invade England. The almighty Spain was favoured to win however it was in turn the weaker country of England that came out on top, thus making The Spanish Armada a perfect example of an extreme power
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Along with this, this also led to the beginning of a power shift in leaders, where Elizabeth I, a woman, disobeyed Phillip II, a man, something that was considered very taboo during this time. This rejection overall angered Phillip as he had plans of marrying Elizabeth I for the purpose of joining her to reign the throne of England. The acrimony Phillip II then felt due to being rejected, led him to the irrational plan that was the Spanish Armada. Within this plan, Phillip II decided to attack England to gain complete control over them. His mindset was strictly focused on Spain gaining complete power, which in turn ended up working against him as it is through this that Spain’s great downfall begun. The Spanish Armada was created, and along with this, Spain’s loss of power had been initiated. Charles Phillips, British author, supports the idea of Elizabeth I marriage rejection angering King Phillip II to creating the Spanish Armada against England, which thus in turn created Spain’s dramatic downfall, in “King’s and Queens of Britain’s Golden Age” writing in the section “The Age of Elizabeth (46)” “With the death of Mary, Phillip saw that he himself could now lay claim to the english crown in the event of the restoration of Catholicism.” Here, Phillips is supporting the idea that through Phillip II’s marriage proposal, he had high hopes of gaining more power and taking over England just as he did with Portugal. Therefore, it is through
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